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Every work experience is unique.

Let people know your thoughts on previous employers. It was a great company and everyone that worked there was pleasant. It could get fast paced at times and a bit overwhelming but there was always someone to help. I started out as sales associate and was working along the aisles. Sooner than later I was moved to the cashier and placed there indefinitely until I was fired for being a seasonal worker.

Retail job with basically no advancement and low wages. While working at Michaels, I definitely honed my customer service skills, however, I had low wages and worked hard for it. The management was pretty good, but there was constant talking of customers in a bad way by a couple employees, which did not promote a good work environment. In addition, when I asked for more hours, they declined and said that only managers had more hours, but were unwilling to train me as a manager.

Not enough payroll to be staffed correctly. Not enough help to get all tasks completed on time. Corporate is about the bottom line and not about the associates. Yes 3 No 1. Michaels is an ok place to work if your in high school or as a first job. Moving up is based on who likes you, not what you can do. Once you are a part of management, they take full advantage.

You are all but forced to work past schedule if daily work isn't completed by the team, regardless of the number of associates you have.

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No matter how hard you work, its never enough. There lms is really difficult in getting in so. Some of the staff is very rude and not willing to help others. But then others are very helpful. Love the hours except when ya have to work the whole weekend and its overtime. The job consists of unloading a truck once a week and stocking shelves overnight, usually 11pm to 4am.

The job itself was fairly easy and I would have stayed with this job for a while were it not for terrible management. Managers expected us to do twice as much work as we were given a time frame for, and workers often did not take breaks. We were often asked to stay ridiculous amounts of time past our schedule hours and given a passive aggressive guilt trip if we did not. I was told once that Michaels expected us to stock items per hour at minimum, I can not find any evidence whatsoever to back this up.

Please do not work at the Buckhead location in Atlanta, for your own sanity. I was in management for two years and did way more than I was paid for. I was the only closing manager working on Black Friday and it was a mess. No one does. Fun and creative environment, amazing people to work with. Always something to do, restocking shelves, helping customers, learn a lot about products and projects. Management was amazing, went through a very hard time with Family and had to leave job. Would recommend to anyone interested in the arts and crafts world.

The store manager has been with the company so long that after numerous HR complaints about her fraternization, favoritism, overall lack of empathy to her staff and just plain rude and awful behavior she has somehow maintained her position with the company. It only feels like work if you remind your self or are wory freight crew , customers are fun it's not a store they have to be at. All the classes they offer are fun, who don't want to craft All day and get paid for it.. Its hard not to spend your paycheck where you earn it. Yes No 1. The job is okay I guess. I would simply replace the valve stems or the washers like in the old days I'd made this sort of repair a good number of times before.


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I went to Home Depot, Ace Hardware, even a local plumbing supply house looking for the parts. No one could find anything, no suggestions, no help. Like they'd never seen anything like these parts before. The technician Dave arrived on time, assessed the situation and fixed it in about 25 minutes. Mike's technician comes out, and 20 minutes later the shower works great. Worth the price!

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Chuck Rosenberg 19 Jan Mike did a great job of reinstalling my toilet that was leaking. He explained in detail what he was doing and I appreciated the fact that he did it all in 1 day. Did not have to have a salesman call on me and then set up a date for the work to be done. The project was done quickly and the area looked better than it did when Mike arrived.

Kimberly Campos 28 Feb Great work, fair prices and excellent customer service. Will definitely use Mikes if needed in the future. Thanks Will!! Excellent communication and customer service, David, the technician plumber was on time, polite and very knowledgeable. I will call Mike's Plumbing for any future plumbing needs and recommend them highly. David Brenman 25 Jun Great little company. I have a very old house, and they work around my needs. I have used them twice and will call again.

Recommend read more. Melissa Archie-Burton 06 May The technician was friendly and his customer service was very good. Nicholas Gaiano 13 Jul I have had nothing but positive experiences with Mike's over many years, and would recommend them to anyone. Most recently, we needed a major job done in our rental property in Baltimore, and they handled it quickly and effectively, and without any complications.

In this instance, we worked with Charlie, and he's great. Eric Hurst 27 Jul My work was scheduled quickly and conveniently. The plumber showed up on time and gave me a price up front. The work appears to be good. There was an accident that did some damage but the plumber cheerfully went to great lengths to mitigate the damage and Mike's was fully insured so the repairs were covered.


I am sure that all companies have accidents sometimes but they probably don't all make it right afterwards. Mike's did that and I am a satisfied customer even after a problem. Jennifer Trainor 28 Jul No one wants to walk into their basement and find it underwater. I called Mike's plumbing and even though I knew they were busy they had someone out the same day and had the sump pump replaced in no time. David was very kind, efficient and did a fantastic job. We will be calling Mike's plumbing for all our plumbing needs read more. Michael was the plumber who was assigned to my work. Right from the door, he was very professional and methodical.

He respected my property. Inspected all the plumbing and connection.

Overall experience was excellent and I will request for him, if I need any further work in my house read more. Very please with all the work. Could not have asked for more professional person. Price was very good. Well have them back whenever needed read more.


Vincent Marchione 28 Sep Sort: Popular Recent. Scott von Berg June Call ahead, they will check if items are in stock. Diamond paintings are available. Helpful staff and broad selection of craft supplies.